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with Brent Baum


with Brent Baum


Fri., Apr. 21 to Sun., Apr. 23
9 AM to 5 PM
$700, members $630

CEUs approved for MSW, LCPC in Illinois. HMR training is recommended for social workers, psychologists, hypnotherapists, energy therapists, and all other professionals dealing with those who have experienced any level of trauma or abuse. Developed by Brent Baum, Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) is a leading-edge mind-body therapy that can efficiently, painlessly and permanently resolve emotional blocks that may be preventing the full enjoyment of a healthy, fulfilling and abundant life. It allows expedient access to past memories and resolution of the painful emotions associated with these events without having to re-live them. The three levels of training in HMR are designed to address increasingly more complex levels of trauma induction and resolution. In this weekend training, you will learn skills for treating clients who demonstrate two levels of trauma. Level One: Trauma induction process and resolution, verbal techniques, voice modulation, nervous system support technique, safety enhancement, single memory encoding, multiple and layered memories, sub-memory sequencing. Level Two: Complex patterns, archetypal encoding, cultural trauma, family role assignments, addictions, disease patterns, memory sequencing and mapping, level two verbal skills, enhanced nervous system support, self-care. Tuition is $650 (members $585), with a non-refundable $250. Coming in from out of town? Get 15% off at the Hotel Blake, call Raymond Cline at (312) 986-1234 and ask for the Equilibrium Preferred Rate.

Please call Brent Baum’s assistant Beverly Meland at (224) 558-4342 to register for this workshop.


with Brent Baum

Reclaim Your Right to a Joyful and Productive Life

Fri., June 16 to Sun., June 18
9:30 AM to 5 PM
$550, members $495

25 CEUs approved for MSW, LCPC and MFT in Illinois.All of us would like to be freed from the emotional constraints of the past. Traumas bind us to people, places and events that continue to exact a toll on our energy and concentration. When we think about a past trauma or memory, our body recreates all the emotions and biochemistry of the original event, keeping us relentlessly stuck in the past. But we can indeed liberate ourselves from these restrictive chains to the past and reclaim our right to a fulfilling life with Holographic Memory Resolution┬« (HMR). In the Healing Intensive workshop, you will gain an understanding of and personally experience the effectiveness of HMR as a gentle, non-intrusive approach to treating and resolving your burden of trauma. You will have the opportunity to release lingering negativity from these events, regain peace of mind, and restore emotional balance, enabling you to move forward into the life you really want. In this profoundly healing workshop, Brent Baum will guide a small group of people on their personal healing journey as they experience and observe the HMR process within a safe and intimate environment. Enrollment is limited, please register early. Tuition is $500 (members, $450) with a $250 deposit. This workshop is open to all, but is required for those training in HMR certification. Coming in from out of town? Get 15% off at the Hotel Blake, call Raymond Cline at (312) 986-1234 and ask for the Equilibrium Preferred Rate.

Please call Brent Baum’s assistant Beverly Meland at (224) 558-4342 to register for this workshop.



Holographic Memory Resolution® (HMR) is a remarkable technique that efficiently, painlessly and permanently resolves emotional blocks that may be preventing the full enjoyment of a healthy, fulfilling and abundant life.

HMR® was developed by trauma resolution specialist Brent Baum over 15 years, working with more than 11,000 trauma survivors from the Oklahoma City bombing, the terrorist attack on 9/11, victims of sexual abuse, torture and more.

Our bodies have natural protective mechanisms that create an altered state of consciousness when we suffer stress and trauma, “capturing” and preserving the pain as a protective act. Painful experiences are stored in our subconscious and our body until we feel safe and ready to deal with them. However, the longer we let them go, the more likely they are to create physical problems as well as emotionally distorted ways of viewing and acting in the world – perceptions we often aren’t even aware of that hold us back from living authentically and maintaining a calm and peaceful state of mind.

HMR® is a body-mind technique that allows simple, easy access to past memories and the release and resolution of associated painful emotions, without having to re-live them. The technique begins with energy work, inducing a light meditative trance that allows the conscious mind to relax and that gently opens a very safe window into the subconscious. Guided visualization creates a self-healing process that reveals the history of a problem, pattern or illness, and resolves the attached emotions. Concluding energy work “locks in” positive changes to the subconscious, the body, and the energy field.

The client directs the healing at all times, choosing what he or she would like to address and resolve – physical issues, obsessive thoughts, recurring troublesome emotions. The process is profoundly empowering to clients, who often feel released from problems that may have been plaguing them for decades, and who start seeing the world and their life in a new and confident way.

Holographic Memory Resolution
Bernadette Doran (in English) and 
Ignacio Centeno (in Spanish)

$100 for 60 minutes
$150 for 90 minutes

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Click here for a more expansive description written by Brent Baum, developer of Holographic Memory Resolution


“Introduction to HMR”


“Seven Breakthroughs in Resolving Trauma”



with Brent Baum

Wed., Apr. 19
6 to 8 PM

What is your body really telling you? If you have hearing issues, your ears could be holding years of childhood shame from a constantly critical parent. Have you broken or sprained an ankle? You may have been exposed to an lack of emotional support between ages 3 and 5 — perhaps owing to parents divorcing, domestic violence, abuse from an alcoholic parent, or a consistent lack of nurturing – since ankles store trauma from that age of development. Rotator cuff and arm issues may reflect back-forth indecision about establishing or detaching from a relationship, whether it’s a romantic partner or putting mom in a nursing home. In this remarkable lecture, Brent Baum, developer of Holographic Memory Resolution, helps you understand how intimately the body is tied to our states of consciousness, and why physical pain is often the indicator of places where unresolved emotional pain is held. A significant portion of what we label “illness” is in fact a precise metaphorical expression of trauma, manifest in physical form, according to Brent. This physical disease serves to capture our attention so that we can bring resolution to the unfinished business of the subconscious mind, releasing both mind and body from pain. Join Brent tonight as he takes you on a fascinating walk through your own body, helps you examine its status in holding emotional trauma that may underlie physical issues, and provides guided instruction on how to release pain on all levels – for peace of mind, emotional balance, and physical health.

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Through personal work with over 12,000 trauma survivors, Brent Baum has developed innovative strategies for unlocking our innate power to free ourselves from the constraints of the past to live fully in the present. Trained as an archaeologist, a Catholic priest, an addictions counselor, clinical hypnotherapist and trauma specialist, this gifted therapist and teacher developed Holographic Memory Resolution, a process for empowering us to release trauma and the obstacles to authentic spiritual intimacy and conscious manifestation. The effectiveness of this body-centered, client-centered approach led to his involvement with the rescue personnel from the Oklahoma City bombing, the crisis team members from TWA Flight 800 in New York, survivors and rescue personnel from the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001, and those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. He is one of a select group of alternative health practitioners at Miraval: Life in Balance, and maintains a private practice in Tucson, AZ. Brent teaches his approach internationally, conducting lectures, workshops and retreats throughout the world.

Equilibrium Energy + Education offers innovative energy-based therapies intended for stress reduction. Practitioners do not diagnose health conditions, nor do they perform medical treatments, prescribe medical drugs, or interfere with the treatment of licensed medical professionals. These services support but do not replace or substitute for services provided by medical professionals. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or other licensed medical professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.