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  • City of Aurora

  • City of Chicago/Center for New Horizons

  • City of Chicago/Department of Public Health

  • Columbia College

  • Draft FCB Chicago

  • Energy BBDO

  • Leo Burnett

  • March of Dimes Corporate Headquarters

  • McDonald’s Corporation

  • Merion Publications/ADVANCE Continuing Education Seminars for Healthcare Professionals

  • Provena Hospital

  • State of Illinois

  • University of Illinois at Chicago

  • U.S. Fiduciary Services, Inc., and its affiliates (GreatBanc Trust Company, Salem Trust Company, and Pennant Management, Inc.)

  • Workplace Solutions/Alexian Brothers Hospital and their clients

One of our most requested workshops, Four Doorways to Power, was voted Best Seminar by attendees of the state-sponsored Illinois Association of Hispanic State Employees Conference, Palmer House Hilton, 2008.

Bernadette Doran was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Chicago Department of Public Health for training more than 400 City of Chicago employees in stress management techniques. She also served as a member of the Department of Public Health’s Master Class advisory board for continuing development of wellness programs.



Stress is an inescapable constant in our working lives, and research shows that cumulative stress contributes to as much as 90 percent of all acute and chronic health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, depression, sleep disorders, lowered immune response, headaches, mood swings, and chronic fatigue.

To help address these crippling issues, Equilibrium Energy + Education focuses on corporate services that help employees and executives manage stress, improving the health and well being of the individual as well as the bottom line. Our goal is to help you achieve a new, self-perpetuating vitality for both the organization and the individual.

Our stress management training is based on proven, research-based techniques in mind-body medicine. All techniques are specifically designed for immediate use on the job, in the moment stress occurs. They are easy-to-learn, personally empowering tools to improve physical and emotional health, personal satisfaction, and productivity, no matter how stressful the workplace may be.


INSTANT CALM: How to Stop Stress in Three Minutes or Less

Our best-selling, most affordable workshop! INSTANT CALM: How to Stop Stress in Three Minutes or Less is an empowering 60-minute wellness workshop that teaches employees how to instantly shift the mental, physical and emotional turmoil of work-related stress.

Research shows that just 5 minutes of stress, anger or other extreme, negative emotion launches a cortisol spill – the most damaging stress chemical – into the body for 8 hoursor more! The challenge is to stop stress before that cortisol spill can occur.

So employees learn a range of techniques for stopping stress immediately, in the moment it happens at work, and to be happier, healthier, more balanced and productive, even under the most stressful workplace conditions.

Based on proven, research-based mind-body medicine principles, the INSTANT CALM workshop leads employees through the experience of a range of proven mind-body techniques for achieving immediate relaxation. They feel the results on the spot while learning the techniques, and see for themselves how quickly they can regain emotional balance and mental clarity – literally in three minutes or less.

At the end of the workshop, employees match which techniques they just learned will be best suited for handling each of their most stressful work situations, so they leave with an action plan to implement immediately.

For more information or to book this workshop, please contact Karen Kanzia, Corporate Services Manager, at (847) 476-0518 or



We are happy to tailor specific packages to meet your company’s particular needs. Special pricing is available for multiple workshop/service combinations and training at multiple company locations, local or nationwide. Our full range of corporate services includes:

  • Onsite proprietary stress management workshops for employees.
  • Onsite and offsite confidential stress management workshops for executives.
  • Personal stress assessment for executives.
  • Customized stress management support packages for executives.
  • Onsite Kundalini Yoga and Gong Meditation classes, plus Reiki Day at the Office
  • Speaking services by Bernadette Doran for conferences, special events, and corporate retreats.

For more information or to book corporate services, please contact Karen Kanzia, Corporate Services Manager, at (847) 476-0518 or


Karen Kanzia, our Corporate Services Manager, will be delighted to customize wellness services for your business, whether it is for your employees or your executive team, for just your home office or multiple locations. Please contact Karen at (847) 476-0518 or

A native of Chicago, Karen received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola University with a major in Italian, French, and education. She has lived and studied in Quebec, Rome, and Paris.

She taught French at Regina Dominican High School in Wilmette, IL, then left education to join the travel and airline industry. She worked for Royal Jordanian and Austrian Airlines with a sales territory of 24 states. She has more than 30 years of airline experience and worked with many businesses and corporations of all sizes to fulfill their travel needs with tailored programs. Currently she is the chairperson for the Chicago Airline Sales Representative Association.

In addition to her work in the corporate world, Karen has always been very interested in the mind-body connection and is an energy therapist. She is a longtime yoga student of Yoga and a Reiki practitioner in the traditional Usui Method of Natural Healing. She has trained in the Bengston Method of Energy Healing, has studied with Jean Houston and Donna Eden, and is a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences on both the local and national levels.

Give the deeply appreciated gift of harmony in body, mind and soul. An ideal client thank you, holiday gift, or employee reward, Equilibrium Gift Certificates are available in any amount from $25 to $5,000. They can be used for therapies, workshops and merchandise, including therapy products, books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, and much more. Call (312) 786-1882 for more details.